About Us

Our Story


Delgado’s Food Service and its founders have been a part of Tucson’s food industry for over 30 years. Starting out as a humble taco cart and evolving into Pico De Gallo the restaurant nearly 29 years ago. Delgado’s owner and founder Adan Delgado began his career in the food industry helping out around the family restaurant, Pico de Gallo. From there he wanted to make a name for himself and started a school lunch catering company that served many of Tucson’s charter schools. After running a successful catering company for 15 years Adan set his eyes on something bigger. He wanted to make a larger impact in the Sonoran Desert area food industry. With the idea of real family, real culture, real ingredients and real community connections in mind he made the switch from catering to a specialty produce supplier. Now for 3 years Adan and his family ran produce supply company has provided Tucson chefs, restaurants, and resorts alike with the produce they need to keep Tucson’s food culture thriving. Become a part of Tucson’s legacy for great food and even greater culture today by taking advantage of Delgado’s Food Service’s commitment to providing quality ingredients to Tucson business’. 

Our Mission

Delgado's Food service strives to provide the best Sonoran Desert ingredients to local chefs, restaurants, and resorts alike. We do this through authentic connections with our customers and our farms.  

Our Values

We commit ourselves to...

  • Quality
  • Honesty 
  • Authenticity 
  • Responsibility